My dream is to make unimaginable mechanical art a reality.

On March 19, at Baselworld, I unveilED my first ever kinetic art wristwatch: TIMEBURNER.

Certain youth experiences leave such a profound impression in our character that they change us. We can look back and see a before and after in our lives. Some of these unforgettable mental images might even awaken a special fascination that will forever be with us. Be part of us.

My father was a train driver and, when I was 16, he allowed me to drive a fully loaded cargo train across the Bosnian mountainous landscape. The hypnotic noise of the engine, the vibration of the cabin, the smell of the smoke and the feeling of taming the largest machine I had ever seen, made an everlasting impression. 

My love for the mechanics was born.


I grew up dreaming of, one day, owning a 1950 BMW motorcycle, just like my neighbour's. The "Tack-tack" noise made by the engine once we resurrected it in springtime was music to my ears and it is burnt in my memory.

 This "Tack-tack" rhythm, which I still hear when I close my eyes, drove me to create TIMEBURNER.

In the 19th century, the internal combustion engine revolutionised the world. TIMEBURNER is my horological interpretation of this paradigm change.

TIMEBURNER is a nostalgic tribute to the earliest internal combustion engines. A salute to noise, grease and chrome. And a testimony to the men and women that created and tamed them.