TIMEBURNER, kinetic art on the wrist.

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As a young boy, I would take apart my father's motorcycle before Winter to protect it from the freezing temperatures. Once Spring arrived, I would put the motorcycle back together and serviced it. It was while performing this ritual that I discovered my love for mechanics, forces and motion.

On March 19th, I will unveil my first ever wristwatch: TIMEBURNER. The inspiration springs from my childhood fascination with motorcycles, in particular the BMW 1950.

To make this ambitious project a reality, I have collaborated with Marc Jenni, fellow AHCI member and wristwatch expert. Combining my sense of design to Marc's wristwatch construction expertise, we have created a wristwatch like no other.

Today, most motor-inspired watches superficially incorporate aesthetic features belonging to the motorcycle or car.

We have recreated the soul, not the features, of BMW 1950 as a wristwatch.