I invite you to my birthday and an afternoon of classical music and the Hells Angels.

join me in the celebration of my birthday and the unveiling of TIMEBURNER at Baselworld (AHCI stand 2.0 C15) at 16:30 on the 19th of March.

For an unforgettable afternoon, I have prepared two special events:

17:00 - Few people know more about motorcycles, engines, leather and chrome than the Hells Angels. At 17:00, a group of them will ride to Baselworld and join us to talk about watches, mechanics, and the importance of always swimming against the current.

18:00 - My daughter Nina Eleta and Goran Kovacevic will perform a classical music concert to our delight. Nina plays de viola and Goran the accordion. I simply could not ask for a better present.