Growing up with trains and flamenco music.

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My father was a train driver; hence, I grew up around train locomotives, coal engines and wagons.

I will always remember that at the age of 16, my father allowed me to drive the train to the dismay of my mother and all its passengers ...

And yet, like everyone else in my family, my father was also a musician. At the age of 6, while listening to the radio, I heard for the first time flamenco music and become instantly hypnotised by it. When my older sister later that year bought me my first guitar, I knew I must follow this passion wherever it may lead me.


And I traced flamenco to its birthplace: Andalusia in the South of Spain. I travelled across this beautiful land, learning Spanish guitar and absorbing everything about the culture and lifestyle.

I even had the opportunity to meet and play with Manitas de Plata (Silvery Hands), in my viewpoint, the most talented Spanish guitar artist ever to have lived. If you doubt my word, please see the video attached, which speaks for itself.